Email: The Dreaded Inbox

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bellas shelf

My first email address was through Yahoo starbright76 (at) I had that email for YEARS and YEARS. Until some crazed Nigerian began threatening me, and stalking me for saying no to his crazy “I’ll send you counterfeit money orders and you cash them for me” scam. SCARY TIMES.

My next email came with a more grown up name. Blogging came not too long after. A small fry blogger such as myself DOES receive an extraordinary amount of emails. I was shocked myself. I knew I had to learn what “Folders” where, how to get “Gmail” to automatically send my emails to said folders, Mass Delete large amounts, Undo a Sent email I did NOT want to send, and more. I became a “Big Girl” in the email world.


  • FOLDERS: folders are your friend. I have made good use of folders. Gmail will route emails into their appropriate folders BTW.This has been very helpful to me. There have been times I have been able to delete an entire folder and that saved me at least 20 minutes of unnecessary reading. You can set up most email servers to do the automatic route thing too by the way.
  • ORGANIZE: Any emails not automatically routed will be quickly scanned for importance. Most end up deleted, some answered quickly, others go into a folder for later reading.
  • SCHEDULE: Having a set time is a big help. STICK.TO.IT. If you find yourself in a long line, on the bus, etc. use that time to sort, delete, answer, emails you can quickly. Emails that need more time? Set side time later for those emails in specific. If it looks like an email will turn into one of those “chain emails” try using Skype, IM, or the phone to quickly resolve the issue at hand (if possible). If you need to set aside 2 blocks of time a day that is OK too. Please use whatever works for you and fits into your life.
  • TIPS: GMAIL: Didn’t mean to hit send? You have 30 seconds to get that email back! “How To”: Go to>Settings>Labs>click Enable under Undo Send.
  • I mainly deal with GMAIL so my knowledge is limited to GMAIL. If you are the Yahoo, Outlook, Live, “Guru” please let me/us know the “tricks” to making your email work more efficiently for you. This can be done below or shoot me a message & we can have a Pt 2. of this post for non Gmail users.

I know I served you up some very basic tips to dealing with your inbox, but I promise you they are helpful ones. I had to learn through trial and error, research, and mistakes. There are days I wish my cat(s) would do more than lay across, and fur up my keyboard. Maybe sort, answer, and delete a few emails for me? Hmmm..then again…



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4 Responses to “Email: The Dreaded Inbox”

  1. Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans

    You would die if you saw how many folders I had in my inbox. Its crazy – but definitely helps to keep things organized!

    P.S. Regarding slouchy hats…I have bangs too, but I still wear them. I basically sit the front of the hat at the crown of my head {right at the bang line – hope that makes sense}, and use bobby pins on the two sides to keep it in place. It usually works to keep everything in order for the day. :)

    Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans recently posted…links à la mode: the IFB weekly roundup {december 26, 2013 edition}My Profile

  2. Jess@Fairday's Blog

    I had no idea about getting a sent email back! I love it!!! I had no idea and I use gmail for work and my personal email. I will have to do a test tomorrow. :) I bookmarked your page so I can come back for the directions. Thanks so much!
    Jess@Fairday’s Blog recently posted…Welcome the New Year!My Profile

  3. Peter Sullivan

    I am using for email protection. This really a mail software, before that I was getting lots of spam email every day but now I separate my mail by simple click.

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