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FENG SHUI: Think arranging your home according to an age-old Chinese system is expensive and hard? Think again. There are plenty of free, and easy ways to Feng Shui your home.

What is Feng Shui: It’s a practice based on the idea that our homes are a mirror of what’s happening inside of us.

Everything has energy, even in-animated objects. Feng Shui helps you guide that energy, and let it flow freely through your home.

Look at the above image, imagine your front door where it says: “ALIGN ENTRANCE ALONG THIS PLANE”.

Walk in, immediately in front of you is your “Journey/Life Purpose/Career” path, to the LEFT is your “Knowledge” path, to the RIGHT is your “Friends & Travel”.

With a little practice, patience, and know how, you can easily Feng Shui your home with items you already own.

Area 1 CAREER: (Entry) This should be well lit, if it falls around your front door/entry hang a bright pendant or chandelier. Put something here that relates to your passion/your job. If you write-books, a musician-an instrument, etc.

Area 2 KNOWLEDGE (Left): Create a reading nook or an intimate spot for conversation. (My personal knowledge area is filled with bookshelves)

Area 3 FRIENDS & TRAVEL (Right): Great place for photo’s, artwork made by friends, a map of a favorite place, mementos from travels, etc.

This is an example of how each area can be set up very easily. If you go through your home you will often find you have subconsciously Feng Shui’d your home to an extent.

Other Feng Shui Idea’s:

  • Adults should NEVER have one side of their bed against a wall. It’s OK for kids who sleep alone-only.
  • Avoid the “Coffin Position” At ALL costs for your bed: your feet pointing out of the only door in your bedroom. IF it is unavoidable, you MUST place something at the END of your bed that will “shift” the energy. A high bench (taller than the mattress), fabric privacy screen, etc.
  • Covering Living Room Windows: If your windows are directly across from your front door (like mine) use blinds or drapes.This will keep the energy from escaping. Or put something in front of the window to “bounce” the energy right back in: reflective bowl, plants, etc.
  • Dining Room/Kitchen: When people eat they put their backs to walls. Watch people the next time you go out to eat, how they act when against a wall vs exposed. In your home set up eating areas so people feel that “safety” too.
  • A nice, big mirror reflecting the table is said to double good fortune and abundance. Set it up a bit higher so people sitting cannot look directly into it as they eat.
  • Light activates energy. Light up dark corners, areas, etc. hang mirrors so they reflect sunlight, etc.
  • Your sofa should be against a solid wall, farthest from your front entrance. A clear view of the entire room, and leave a few inches of “breathing space” between sofa and wall.
  • Never set up a sofa, chair, etc. to have its back face your front door or any door for that matter.
  • I have 3 brass elephants and their butts face our front door & here’s why:
    “Elephants represent your wealth and money flow…they should NEVER face the door as this means money will flow out easily.They should be facing inwards meaning money will come into your life. Same with frogs. If you need something guarding your door against negative energies or crime it should be dragons or fu dogs. Angels help too if you are that way inclined.
    Never buy an elephant with its trunk down. That also represents a loss of finances. Trunks always up!”-Crystal from Yahoo Answers

**What do you think? Do you think you could Feng Shui your home or apartment into a happier zone? Do you think it’s a bunch of hooey? Willing to try it? Let me know what you think & if you have any Feng Shui tips in the comments below**

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    Fascinating stuff! And I’ve just realised that my bed is not just in the coffin position, but also with one side against a wall. Gasp! It will be tough to move my furniture around and to find a better arrangement, but it’s better than having two strikes against me, aye? 😉

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