Memory Foam Sneakers

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I’m walking on sunshine…err….clouds! 

As the Spring was Sprung, I decided it was time for me to put some: “spring in my step”. I had been drooling over, coveting, (all of the sins that are a no-no) these “memory foam” type sneakers & walkers. I wanted 1 of each!

I found these at “Tar-Jay” a few weekends back..AKA: “Target”. While I ADORED the neon pink pair, my logic won out. It would be the grey/black “ombre” pair with neon pink accent. Pictured BELOW: (look down there..) By CHAMPION sold at TARGET


“Skechers” makes a similar style called the “FLEX APPEAL” in many colors (including ones that resemble mine) they retail for about 70.00$ . I was anxious to wear these for the day (or for at least 4-6 hours) for an accurate assessment. Here’s how yesterdays wearing went..

  • LOOKS: To me I was quite happy with the color choice I made, and the choices available. They are sturdy, light as a feather, well constructed. The memory foam insoles feel so cushy.
  • THE FEEL: Putting them on was easy, they slid on and adjusted to my foots shape immediately. I felt no tightness or toe “jamming”. Comfy from the get go. My toes are weird. Nails too long on occasion, bent big toe. etc. All was comfy.
  • THE WALK OF SHAME: After a few hours of errand running & doggy walking/playtime, I was ecstatic and fully comfortable to say “These will be AWESOME”. When the wind blew I could feel my feet getting a nice “wind bath” through the shoes. PERFECT for those Summer “yukko” days.
  • CONCLUSION: I am happy with these sneaks & cannot wait to wear them again.


The SAME-ish day while at the mall, I walk by “Payless”. Usually “Payless” is ONLY for certain items. A snob I am not, but YEARS of experience has taught me some “Payless” shoes are not worth squat. The “BOGO” sales are not to be missed, because they DO have awesome casual shoes & accessories. Like I said, you need to be savvy and shop carefully. Anywho, the twins to the “Skechers-Go Walks 2” (retail 62.99$) are staring ME in the face for 19.99$. They are by “Champion”. Again, common sense prevails, and the neon pink stay on the shelf (they will be mine, oh yes, they will be mine) for these beauts:


I’m sold on the memory foam sneakers and walkers after thoroughly testing these 2 different styles out on my some times “all kinds of messed up feet”. I think I will wear these to “BEA14” in May in NYC. That will be the ultimate test in comfort and durability!

BELLA ASKS: are you getting into the memory foam craze yet? What are your favorite shoes? Do you do anything extra to make your shoes comfy? How much will you spend for a good pair of shoes?


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  2. Beth W

    A coworker just showed me the Sketchers memory foam sneakers she bought last week! We’re bartenders, so good cushion and arch support is key in that always-on-your-feet job. She’s happy with hers, too. YAY!
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