Is Christmas Ruined?

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“It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year
With the kids jingle belling
And everyone telling you “Be of good cheer”
It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year
It’s the hap -happiest season of all
With those holiday greetings and gay happy meetings
When friends come to call
It’s the hap – happiest season of all”


Social media has daily “wars” over people using “Merry Xmas” “Happy Holidays” VS “Merry Christmas” as written greetings. Friendships ruined, Family members “Un-Friended”, Coal replaces the “XBOX ONE”, it’s MADNESS!


This war of Christmas words is not the only thing ruining this once beautiful and sacred holiday….



My absolute favorite childhood decorating memory is the electric candles in every window of our small home in East Norwalk, Ct. The bulbs shaped and colored to mimic flames too! I know if I still had them they would be a coveted item on “ebay” (you see how that damned commercialism sneaks itself in there?)…The Tree, wreaths, tinsel, stockings, the kids homemade crafts, some outside decorations, etc. repped Holiday Cheer. What I see now affront to the memory of my childhood and Christmas itself!


images (2)

Christmas Decorating is about fun and together time with loved ones. Not one upping the neighbors or “show boating”. It’s not time to follow one of “Martha Stewart’s” anal “How To” lists either…


images (12)



Christmas has a fun and beautiful tradition: GIFT GIVING! Waaay back when good boys and girls received fruit, wax dolls, their 1 pair of shoes per year, a new bonnet for Church,etc. Now? It’s all about the PRICEY GIFTS. Us adults are guilty too. I know I have let hints drop (like a ton of bricks). I learned my gratitude (a decade ago) after a winter spent with no heat or hot water. It’s fun to want and look and ooh and aah. It’s also important to remember what’s truly needed VS truly wanted.


images (17)


images (13)


Baked Goods

I LOVE LOVE LOVE me the baked goodies! I LOVE it when someone hands me that Christmas Container full of homemade cookies and candies. Homemade is NOT a prerequisite either. PLEASE answer me this? Why oh why do people get “grossly creative” with baked goods during the Holidays? Stick to the yummy basics. Trust me, you’ll have em’ BEGGING for another batch throughout the year, and next year your gift list will be easy: COOKIES AND CANDY FOR EVERYONE!






YES:  images (8)


And YES:  pbc


 The Birth of Christ

We all know by now that Christmas is NOT 100% Christian. I think of Christmas as a recipe: a dash of this, sprinkle of that, shake of this, mix it all up, and VOILA! CHRISTMAS! The link below will do a MUCH better job explaining the origins of the Christmas Traditions we love so much.




Ugly Christmas Sweaters


No, no, no. The Ugly Christmas Sweater is NOT supposed to be a “trendy” “hipster” thing! What was once part of a family get together’s “joke of the night” (so and so’s yearly ugly Christmas sweater) is now a “cool” “hip” thing?! The sweaters? They are now sold in specialty shops for 80$ or more! UGH! I got my “Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt” for 10$ from a “Walmart” type store. I loved that thing. Wore it every year with a light up Christmas lights necklace. It had cats on it. It was the best. Again, commercialism RUINS Christmas.


images (3)


Our Pets HATE Christmas

I dress my doggies up, try to dress the cats up, put a Christmas themed item in the fish tank. People spend just as much on their pets as they do on humans EACH Holiday season! Guess what? Our pets hate it, and they hate us for doing it to them. (Some pets do like it so I won’t generalize.) IF you must show your pet love this season a simple treat will suffice, a cute stocking, new leash, toy, etc. Extra love and kisses. Your local shelter could always use some help too. Give them a call. Read a great holiday book about animals. Like this one:


images (15)


images (4)


The Kardashians VS This little girl


images (7)




images (14)


Enough said..


Is Christmas ruined?

We may lose our way, get wrapped up in the silliness of it all, but I don’t think Christmas is ruined. When all is said and done, on Christmas day, as we look over our loved ones, we burst with happiness and pride. Grateful for those still with is, sad for those we lost. All of the questions, concerns, comments, and arguments fly out the window. Christmas is a magical time of year. Allow the magic of the day to bless you and your loved ones.


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chic and cheap holiday gifts




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3 Responses to “Is Christmas Ruined?”

  1. nording pipes

    Hiya, You may have done an excellent job. I will surely yahoo this along with independently propose to my friends. Now i am positive they’ll be took advantage of this web site.

  2. Beth W

    The vast majority of our modern Christmas traditions have Victorian origins, which is ridiculously recent, history-wise….and that means we can make our OWN traditions! Far from ruined, Christmas offers a chance to be whatever you want it to be.

    The commercialism surrounding it isn’t isolated to Christmas, we live with it day in and day out, as the result of being in a 1st world nation built on capitalism (we have to drive people to consume unnecessary goods in order to support our market, because for more people the basics of survival are already well taken care of). So although it’s annoying, it’s not in opposition to the holiday.

    And as far as the words go, the celebration of the Winter Solstice (Dec 21) as a return of the light and hope, a time of family and memory and thankfulness for surviving the dark time of the year…that’s pre-Roman, of the majority of agrarian cultures. So wishing someone goodwill with any language honors those who are not Christian but wish to participate in the magic of the season.
    (I have a twitch about this issue in particular, as no one fusses that non-Jews don’t wish a Happy Hannukah to everyone, non-Muslims don’t demand everyone recognize Ramadan as it happens, etc)
    Beth W recently posted…The Nail Files: Candy CanesMy Profile

    • Bella's Shelf

      Beth, I love what you had to say.
      I have always loved a Victorian style Christmas. When I was little my Nana had these beautiful Victorian cards. Handmade, painted, they were works of art.
      Sadly over the years they fell apart. They were fragile when I was a little girl. I couldn’t touch them. I’d poke quickly then look around.
      I agree that commercialism has spread into every area. Black Friday scared the heck out of me 2 years ago! Never, ever, again!
      Thank you for your comment.
      Bella’s Shelf recently posted…Is Christmas Ruined?My Profile

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