Plus Sized, Pale, No Fashion Sense, & Hypothyroid?!

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Cruisin 14


Plus Sized, Pale, No Fashion Sense, & Hypothyroid:

These were the words that came to mind when I found out our 9 day cruise (to the Eastern Caribbean) was officially booked. NORWEGIAN CRUISE LINES. (clicky to see what I’ll be up to)  At home I am “that lady”. The one you see walking her dogs, in pajama pants with bright red hearts on them, sparkly pink moccasins, an XXL “boyfriend cardigan” (in need of a good washing), random shirt underneath, and some crazy beanie hat to cover my unwashed hair. THEN to add insult to injury, I will run errands dressed as such!

This upcoming cruise (12 days & 0 Hours away) meant this:

  • haircut/dye
  • mani/pedi (professional)
  • to “faux tan” or not to “faux tan”
  • appropriate clothing/footwear/jewlery
  • getting all of my medical stuff in order
  • passport time (that was..horrible)

I realized from last years 7 day Cruise (1st ever) I OVER PACKED & OVER WORRIED. Sure, there were a few “glamazon cruisers”, but they were truly the rare species. 200$ swim suit cover ups, 400$ sunglasses, beautifully, tanned, toned, bodies, it was like a mini “Victoria’s Secret Bathing Suit Shoot”. There were older “seasoned cruisers” who also dressed to the “9’s”, then people who should of looked in the mirror- because they were me “at home” (see above description of me “at home”). Then the “normies”. Normal clothing from places like: Walmart-Macy’s-Lane Bryant-Old Navy, etc. Normal, all around, cool peeps.

This time, I am READY like FREDDY! I got the casual gear packed, all this seasons styles & colors, chillax type stuff: for the early “am” walk around the ship, off the boat gear, 1 dressy “just in case” outfit.

Got these AWESOME “memory foam” sneaks & walkers. Bright colors, ppl love em already. I like it when somebody likes/wants something I am wearing. Makes me feel pretty & thats been hard lately.

I will get a haircut, a simple bob or lob, mani/pedi/eyebrows, faux tan…I am gonna do it!! Hittin up “PALM BEACH TAN” for the “MYSTIC” or “VERSA SPA”. Got a free spray tan coupon for my “tester” & if I likey, I’ll go back the day before we leave & get another-in Medium, so it lasts a bit longer.

I am basically “me”, but the normal-before-the-Hypothyroid-me. The one that cared about looking presentable. Not glamazon, just normal. Basic makeup, kept up a presentable appearance, etc.

Going to the ENDOCRINOLOGIST on April 9th. Not a day too soon either! Day AFTER my 38th birthday. It’s a blessing & birthday gift from up above. I. AM. SUFFERING. with this HYPOTHYROIDISM SH!T. If you do not know bout this “clicky on this linky” for a list of the symptoms…Sometimes sheer exhaustion, rapid heartbeat, dry skin, missing periods, feeling like overall CRAP- is something physical-NOT mental or old age.


I am scared. truly. The last time I took medicine (Synthroid) I ended up needing uber heart tests & ER trips. My GP prescribed this to me & did not do a proper follow up, send me to the Endo (I have seriously HIGH THS levels-not good), etc. She #EpicFailed me as a doctor. Basically. I hear this Endo is the “Cats Meow” & I pray pray pray she will LISTEN to me, RX me PROPER meds, at a PROPER starting dose, etc. It’s 4pm & I am ready for bed. I have a birthday dinner for our friends 9 yo daughter-who loves me & misses me-tonight. I CANNOT flake. I am achey all over, felt like I was going to puke earlier, now my shoulder/neck area is in PAIN. I want to take my meds & sleep the “bad away”.  I need a much needed bath. I pull a chair in the shower because I am scared of passing out.

Thanks for listening my friends..Will be back soon with a book review..



Do any of you have Hypo/Hyper Thyroid, Fibro, RA, Etc.? How do you deal? Are any of you going away soon? Do you like the new “memory foam” sneaks & walkers? How about this seasons bright colors?

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  1. kindlemom1

    I have actually been super curious about those memory foam shoes but I don’t know anyone that has tried them yet so I am glad to read you have bought some.

    Gosh, you sound super prepared already, I am sure it helps having already been on one. I have never been comfortable in a swimsuit in front of others so a cover up for me is a must and it sounds like you have that down already as well.

    I wish I could say I wouldn’t be vain and not want to get my hair done before I left but I totally would want to get highlights and a cut LOL!

    I hope you have a fabulous time!!
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